Monday, November 24, 2008


"Perfection has many flavors." I heard this quote last night when watching a movie and it really stood out to me. The context behind the line is that this girl had it in her mind what a perfect Christmas looked like and a guy was trying to explain to her that perfection comes in many forms. He made her a drink that, after she sipped it, sighed in delight and said "it tastes like Christmas; it’s perfect." He then fixed another drink and she couldn't help but deem it perfect as well, causing her to wonder how two completely different drinks could both be labeled as "perfect." I think we're very much the same way. We tend to get it in our heads that perfection comes in only one form and everything else is second best. We refuse to let anything alter our opinion and set out on this quest to achieve something that, in all honesty, isn't really even attainable. We may even bypass things while on this quest that God could have for us simply because we're only focused on this one thing that we're sure will look a certain way. The problem with this attitude is that God doesn't always look at things the same way we do. His idea of perfect and our idea of perfect can be two totally different things. So who's right? Hmmm...

While having high expectations is good and will cause us to want to strive for the best, we don't need to allow ourselves to become so wrapped up in trying to obtain "perfect" because I think that will only lead to disappointment. Nothing in this world is perfect because it's all flawed in some way; everything is temporal and fleeting except the One who created it all. By constantly striving for perfect, we'll continue to always reach but never be quite able to grasp. I think it all comes down to trusting God (this seems to be a recurring theme in my posts) and resting in the fact that He has a plan for us that is beyond's perfect :-)

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