Wednesday, November 9, 2011

me too

I'm in a book study of Beth Moore's book, So Long Insecurity, with some other women from my church. We watched some of the DVD the other night and one part really stuck with me. She was telling a story about a woman who had went through an especially difficult season in her life. The woman wanted her kids to not lose faith in God even though she was struggling with that very thing. She said she would rock her smallest child, singing "Jesus Loves Me." She finally realized that for God to love her baby meant He loved her too. It was through tears she sang as that truth took hold.

I can easily encourage others that God has a plan for them and He'll work everything out but I need to tell myself that as well. I have no problem believing God answers the prayers of those around me but when I'm still waiting on a response, I might forget that truth. It all comes back to the fact that everything I undoubtedly believe for's for me, too.

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