Thursday, December 18, 2008


A few months ago our youth worship band, Pursuit of Red, played at a local youth rally. Some of us went out to show our support and towards the end of the service, we were asked to get with someone else and pray for them. Alicia and I prayed for each other and one of the things she asked God for me was for “beautiful surprises.” That phrase has stuck with me and I can’t help but wonder at the vast amount of surprises God has for us, just waiting to shower them upon us.

I helped throw a surprise birthday party for a friend earlier in the year and though I wasn’t able to see his face at the exact moment when he realized what was happening, I was assured that he was truly surprised. A surprise party is not nearly as much fun if the person for who the party is for either knows about the party or doesn’t like surprises, making such an event rather awkward. Such a person is hindering himself from allowing others to bless him and could be missing out on some really great things by having such a mindset. How often do we do the same thing with God? We either constantly question Him, being no better than the child who incessantly asks his father, “Can we play now, dad? Can we play NOW, dad?” or we become so close-minded to anything that’s out of our comfort zone that such experiences simply pass us by.

Someone could have a gift in hand, ready to give it to you, but until you make that move to accept it, they’re left standing there waiting and you’re standing there empty handed. I think it’s so important that we remain open to what God wants to do in our lives. It would be like asking Him to bless us but then giving Him a list of guidelines on how to bless us. How fun is it for the blesser to be told by the bless-ee how to do the blessing?

Let us learn from the movie Elf. Jovi is presented with a surprise when Buddy asks her out. She could have said no (which would have been understandable – the guy did eat cotton balls and used gum) but she saw an opportunity before her and decided to step out of the box. Moral of the story? Don’t be so quick to overlook what could quite possibly be the most amazing and beautiful surprise.


  1. that youth rally was in like late january- early feb..crazy huh.
    and to what you said

  2. Wow. I apparently need to take my own advice (or prayers). :-) Well, that's now on my list for the New Year.

    I started writing a comment, and it ended up being long enough that I just made it a comment post on my own blog and linked back to your original post. :-) See how inspiring you are?