Saturday, December 20, 2008


With Christmas right around the corner, the whole reason for the holiday is on my mind. I love the Christmas story because as Pastor has said before, it’s a story that is so far fetched that it has to be believable. Think about it. God, in order to save a lost and searching people, sent His Son as a baby to that very world. He didn’t send Him as a man with a strong army, ready to conquer those who opposed Him but sent Him in such a subtle and unassuming way. He sent Him not to be born into a king’s family or even a priest or wealthy family but to a teenage girl who was no one to give a second glance to. Add to this the fact Mary wasn’t even married but engaged (I’m sure the talk around the well was just buzzing).

So Gabriel appears to Mary, with news that I’m sure was hard for her to comprehend. He tells her that God has chosen her to be the vessel with which He will provide salvation for the world. The only catch is that she has to say yes. God isn’t going to force her to bear His Son. I was talking to Dayton a few weeks ago and he brought up a point that I had never thought about before. I’ve always thought about the fact if Mary had said no, God would have found someone else but Dayton posed the question of was Mary the first one? How many other girls had Gabriel appeared to before Mary? I think it’s an interesting concept. How many girls laughed when Gabriel told them they would be the one to give birth to God’s Son?

And then when the time does come for Mary to finally bring the promised Messiah into the world, she doesn’t give birth in a comfy inn or even someone’s home. The only place available (since Jesus couldn’t wait any longer to make His appearance) was the same place occupied by animals. The first ones to greet the Savior were donkeys and horses. Shepherds were the ones to behold the tiny baby and stare at Him in awe. It all sounds so completely out there but at the same time, makes perfect sense. There’s a feeling of rightness in such a beginning to God’s plan of redemption for us. But for any of it to happen, Mary had to say, ‘“Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her” (Luke 1:38).

I found this video, showing clips from the movie The Nativity Story and really like how it’s coupled with the song “Filled with Your Glory” by Starfield.

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