Friday, November 19, 2010

book review: "first things first" by kurt and brenda warner

Kurt and Brenda have one goal with their book “First Things First”: to let people know the “real” Kurt and Brenda and show that their life is fairly normal – or as normal as can be expected. Each chapter begins with Kurt talking about a subject and then Brenda gives her take on it. They wanted to take the time to clear up the rumors as to how they met, talk about how they run their household and how they make their marriage work. They both readily admit there’s not a perfect formula for how to be the best parents or how to have a happy marriage. But they’ve found out what works for them. Kurt and Brenda have rules for each other as well as for their children. One rule in their marriage is the importance of a weekly date nights and for Kurt spending time with his guy friends while Brenda spends time with her girl friends. Though they’ve had disagreements, their love for each other hasn’t wavered. He says when they have their date nights or take time away without the kids, he’s putting her first. “That’s what it means to love someone – it means to choose that person first over and over again.” Some of the Warner rules include sharing the favorite part of the day at dinner and having to hold hands with a sibling for ten minutes if unable to get along. Brenda shares her frustrations as a NFL wife and sharing Kurt with his fans. She talks about how when the family is out, Kurt is often approached for an autograph – it’s something she knows comes with the territory but she still struggles with. They talk about their faith and the role God plays in their lives. Kurt talks about what he’ll do after football and Brenda shares her hobbies outside of the home. Through it all, Kurt talks about how he wants Jesus’ love to shine through everything he says or does – with his family and on the field.

It was fun to take a peek into the lives of Kurt and Brenda Warner. I really liked hearing both of their sides on topics. I love how Kurt talks about Brenda – it’s so apparent how much he loves her. One thing he said stood out to me. He was talking about how he told her she was beautiful when her hair was a mess and she had on no makeup. “You’re such a freak,” she’ll say, because she’s always surprised that at the time she feels least attractive, I find her most beautiful.” It’s just so sweet to hear a guy make that effort. I also applaud his stand on his faith. He says, “I love that Jesus says we should love God so passionately. It’s not like some girly “let’s hold hands” kind of love; it’s full contact. Jesus wants us to love God with our entire being – our heart, soul and mind. That’s how I want to love him.” This was a really good read – made me laugh, made me tear up at times – definitely one I’d recommend.

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House and was not required to write a positive review.

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