Monday, December 26, 2011

daily readings 2012

I was going to spend this week's posts reviewing this year by sharing book reviews and recipes, etc. But I've decided to go in a different direction. I'll share my thoughts from this year later this week but today's post I want to share the books I'll be reading for daily devotionals next year. Maybe one will stick out to you and you'll read along with me. I like devotionals because they're short reads and it's always cool for me when I'm reading similar thoughts in each one or the reading will coincide with something my pastor has said recently or be relevant in some other way.

- Love Out Loud by Joyce Meyer
- Hearing From God Each Morning by Joyce Meyer
- The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer (I'm already reading this but continuing with it into next year)
- A Year with C.S. Lewis
- Experiencing God Day-By-Day by Henry and Richard Blackaby

I'm excited about all of these books for different reasons. The last one I wasn't planning on reading. I've read it three times, the last time 2007. I came across the book today and was reading my thoughts on some of the daily readings. I thought it would be good for me to go through it once more and see where I was at those other points in my life compared to now. I think all of these will be great books to encourage me and grow me. I'll probably share things on here that jump out at me so be ready :)

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