Saturday, December 10, 2011

saturday spotlight: glenna with "knitting to stay sane"

I've just recently started knitting. It's something I've always thought would be pretty cool to learn but never had the motivation to research what kind of yarn I would need or what size needles. But finally, finally someone gave me the push I needed and helped me get started with the basics. I'm working on my first scarf and super excited to be able to show it off once it's finished :)

I'm also looking at connecting with those who have vastly more knowledge on the subject than I do which brings me to Glenna and her blog. I haven't explored her site a whole lot yet but she's definitely got my attention with this hat she recently made:

Since I'm still working on the basics, just the idea of using two colors amazes me. Glenna has some great ideas - go have a look!

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