Friday, February 3, 2012

diy: felt flower hair clips

I think flowers as accessories for your hair are just super cute. They're fun and the possibilities are endless. While walking through the my local Hobby Lobby, I became inspired to make my own hair clips. The scrapbooking section has an AMAZING selection of flowers for such a project. They had some I might buy later on that were probably six inches wide. They were in a jar and I think had about ten different colors - plus they were polka dotted. This took me less than ten minutes to make and I spent under five dollars (using my weekly 40% off coupon).

I bought a pack of six flowers and a bag of assorted size clips. The clips were $2 for eight and the flowers were $4 (without a coupon).

I needed to mount the flowers onto a base since making a cluster. I had some felt that I cut out and then arranged the flowers on it. I put hot glue in the center of each flower and then attached to the felt.

I then flipped it over and glued the clip. Once it dried, I placed a smaller piece of felt inside the clip and glued it down - just for reinforcement.

And here you go, I was able to make two clips. You could even just use one or two - whatever you want.

*This post is part of "Get Your Craft On! Tuesday" hosted by Today's Creative Blog!


  1. Those are so cute! Thanks for the project idea :)

  2. faye, no problem! i thought they turned out quite well and i'm excited to buy the bigger flowers and have fun with those :)