Wednesday, February 8, 2012

to do

I'm making a conscious effort to be more deliberate with my "to do" lists this year. I'm always writing down things I need to get done but often I misplace the paper or just end up with so many that there's no way I can tackle them all. At the end of last year I cleared off the bulletin board in my room and decided to make use of it! At the top of the board I typed up and mounted on card stock the days of the week. Below each day is a list of two or three things to focus on - thereby making it way more manageable. Underneath that I have two giant lists. These are my "master" lists from which I pull the things for each day. It's that whole "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time" theory. What's not in the picture is the bottom of my bulletin board. I have a calendar for the month where I keep track of blog posts and book reviews. Beside the this is a running list of the books I've read this year along with the date finished.

So this is what works for me. Maybe it can help you if you're needing a little organization direction. If you have other ideas, please share in the comments!

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