Tuesday, June 12, 2012

diy: trash to treasure

I shared this project as a guest post recently on The Crafty Scientist. This is a super simple idea that I came up with and I was excited at the end result. I could've maybe bought a new bag for not much more than I spent (not sure how much they cost - I've had mine for at least five years) but the idea of being crafty and just giving it a makeover was more fun to me :)

I recently bought a new car and the trash bag I have was not only faded from being in the sun, the pattern didn’t really match my new interior. This would just not due. So I had the idea to simply recover the bag so I could still use it. It was super simple and only cost $3 – way cheaper than buying a new one!
what you need:
  • fabric (I bought this for a $1 in the quilting section at Walmart – they had tons of choices!)
  • buttons, flowers – whatever you want to make it “pop” (I bought the flowers for $2)
  • hot glue (great for just about any project)

what to do:

  1. Measure the width of the bag and cut the fabric accordingly (I let the fabric hang a little loose – if you want to pull it taut, you’ll need less fabric).
  2. I started at one side and carefully hot glued the fabric to the bag, repeating the process until all sides were secure. I then glued the flowers on.

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