Saturday, March 9, 2013

grace to wait

I'm so glad it's the weekend! While I don't always have a chance to have my devotional time in the mornings, I did today and one sentence stood out to me. Today was titled "Are You Using Your Faith?" Here's part of what Joyce said: "Don't merely pray for the problem to go away, or that you will get something you need or desire, but also pray that you will have the grace to wait with a good attitude." I liked this because life isn't always easy. Sometimes what we're called to do is hard or we're growing tired of waiting on God to answer our prayer. But we can totally trust Him! I look back and see how He's come through for me time and time again and it's a major boost to my faith! I know He's not forgotten about me and He's definitely not running late. I want the "grace to wait" on God - expecting him to do great things!

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