Wednesday, June 12, 2013

finally finished filing!

I've spent parts of the last two weeks working on getting all of my paperwork in order from my first year of teaching. I finished today! During the school year I kept everything in containers that held hanging folders and I would just stick everything in those. So I've purged all the extra copies of worksheets I had or the copies of things we didn't get to and put everything in notebooks, thanks to a great post I came across a while back. I used these super cute binder covers from Teachers Pay Teachers. I had to make a few covers on my own using these great chevron backgrounds. Here are all of my notebooks, organized and ready to go!

I put a colored piece of paper on the sides, writing the names so I can easily find what I need once they're on my bookshelf. You can click the picture below to grab your own set of binder covers!

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