Thursday, February 27, 2014

book review: "ingredients for success: 10 best practices for business and life" by joseph james slawek

What ingredients do you need to succeed in business and in life? Award-winning entrepreneur Joseph James Slawek shares 10 best practices for business leaders, which he draws from the teachings of Jesus. You'll learn what the Bible has to say about business, and how to:
- know, develop, and use your unique abilities
- use your talents responsibly or you'll lose them
- invest your talents faithfully for maximum return
- aim for excellence, not perfection

I like that this book isn't just for those who might own a business. It's advice for life. Slawek takes the parables from Matthew 25, creating his ten best practices: 
1. Boldly, yet compassionately, tell the truth.
2. Plan ahead but be ready for surprises.
3. Know, develop, and use your unique abilities.
4. Use your talents responsibly or you'll lose them.
5. Be ready for the accounting.
6. Invest your talents faithfully for maximum return.
7. Aim for excellence, not perfection.
8. Be strong and courageous.
9. Redistribute unused talents and resources.
10. Express gratitude to God and others.
Reading this has challenged me to do more - to be a "good steward" of my talents. "They [the five virgins who ran out of oil] lost the opportunity to be a part of the wedding because they didn't steward their resources responsibly." I liked the personal stories Slawek used through the book, helping to illustrate his points. This was an easy read, full of practical advice. He asked a question that stood out to me: "Have you taken the time and effort to grasp what your responsibility is? How are you going to fulfill it?" This is a book to get you thinking and then asking what you're going to do about it. Overall a good read and one I would recommend to others. 

I received a copy of this book from Handlebar Publishing for my honest review.

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