Monday, March 3, 2014

willing to wait

I had the privilege to go to The Dream Center in 2008 for a short-term mission trip. I'm always super excited to hear about the amazing things they're doing and how God is using them! And they always have good Facebook statuses, including this recent one: "Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we're waiting for." I needed this. There's something I've been praying about for a few years and know God is working it out but I've been tempted to "help" Him a bit, trying to make it happen sooner. I know I should be patient and trust His perfect timing but sometimes that's not so easy :) So coming across these words helped me. What I'm believing for is one of those desires you tuck away and keep close to you. It's not something I share with a lot of people. But I do have a handful of awesome people who are agreeing with me - and they'll be the first to know when the answer comes about! Because if you think about it, if you knew God was working on your answer and that it would be even better than what you can imagine, would you not want to wait until it was ready? Would you not want anything less? I know the waiting can be hard and you might want to give up and just settle. But don't. Trust God's timing and know He's working things out. Know He's orchestrating events in such a beautiful and amazing way - if only we knew. Be willing to wait. 

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