Saturday, October 4, 2008

ready or not, here i come!

Have you ever done something that forced you to cross the line between age-appropriate and ridiculous? Yet at the same time, you found yourself enjoying said activity more than you expected and discovered a level of freedom in participating? I went to a friend’s surprise birthday party a few weeks ago and all of us played hide-and-go-seek. We weren’t a bunch of teenagers, which I think would have given us a certain amount of leeway to play such an elementary game, but most of us were college-age. At first, I must admit thoughts of “Why am I doing this?” flitted through my mind. Those thoughts only lasted until the first person who was deemed ‘it’ finished counting and began looking for us. Apparently I was an easy target because he came running for me and I almost slid in who knows what (I was outside and it was dark) and became the next ‘it.’ For the next hour or so we reverted back to simpler times and our biggest worry was making it to base without being tagged. Some people were far more creative than I in their hiding spots. One person climbed inside a cabinet but then managed to get stuck, proving to not be the best location. Another person hid under the table right beside where the person ‘it’ was counting! I think she made a point of choosing places that were challenging. At the end of it all, I had the most fun and I think sometimes we need to take a break from everything weighing on us, all the decisions we must make and simply…play.

I found this video yesterday and I had to share. It may take watching it a time or two to really find the humor but I hope it makes you laugh. It’s the simple things.

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