Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dead end

Have you ever thought God was leading you in one direction only to hit a dead end and then scratch your head and wonder "Now what?" This wall, appearing seemingly out of no where, threatens to upset our carefully constructed plans since we didn't allow for a plan B. As we survey our surroundings, we notice a partially hidden but well-paved second trail, stemming from the one we're on. Because we were so focused on staying on THIS path, we failed to take notice of anything else - even if it was in right in front of us. Uncovering the second path, we begin walking on it, unsure of where it will take us but excited at no longer being at a standstill.

It's not until we've walked a little ways that we see this alternate trail brings us back on the first path but we detoured the dead end. By being willing to abandon our plans momentarily, we find out that we're back where we need to be but needed to go a different way - if just for a season.

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  1. I heard a pastor talk about "Plan B's".. He took the story of a husband & wife that got pregnant with their 4th child & found out that she had issues that made her "Incompatible With Life". Little more than 2 hours after she was born she died. The gist all came down to that God never had a Plan B. He knew what would happen all along.. Unexpected to us but He knew. So i guess if you got up in focusing on what you think is right then you'll never really live.