Friday, June 12, 2009

on its way

A few weeks ago, I saw Hillsong United in concert. Hearing songs from those who wrote them that I listen to and being surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people who are hungry for God is a beautiful thing. About halfway through the concert, the youth pastor for Hillsong Church came out and spoke (I'll admit I absolutely love their accent). He talked about the fact that he and his wife have a new baby at home. He said that they have decided to feed her "the old fashioned way," as he put it, leaving him completely incapable of feeding her. One day the baby was fussy and hungry, the youth pastor only able to offer what comfort he could while his wife was on her way home. He said he was holding his daughter close, rocking back and forth, trying to keep her pacifier in place - everything humanly possible to console her but it still wasn't enough. Though he couldn't give her what she needed, help was on its way. He said the same is true with us. God is holding us, comforting us as only He can, promising our answer is on its way. We're 'fussy' for whatever reason, all of us needing something different from God. "I love you. Hold on. Just a little bit longer," God says, rocking us back and forth. I like that idea. God knows what we need before we even ask which means we can be assured we'll have the answer at the right time.

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