Sunday, May 24, 2009

changing lanes

I know I've used road analogies before but I have another one. I was driving home from work one day and getting a little frustrated at the slowness of the car in front of me. I entertained thoughts of switching to the other lane but didn't. It was then that the turtle in front of me turned. Glad I didn't change lanes at the last minute, I was ecstatic when the other three cars in front of me turned as well, giving me a straight shot to my destination.
I then thought about how in life, we kinda do the same thing. When life becomes frustrating and we feel we're at a stand still, we might want to change lanes, thinking the other lane is quicker and will get us to where we're headed faster. Yet the other lane brings it's own challenges and could, in fact, hinder our arrival. My point is that we shouldn't be so quick to abandon the path we're on just because it feels as if we're traveling at a snail's pace. We have no idea what things await us if we just stay steady and enjoy the ride.

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