Thursday, November 12, 2009


A friend of mine was sharing some advice given to another friend regarding perspective. The advice was to, just to mix things up, take a different route to work. The point being it would be a catalyst for a paradigm shift that would flow into other areas of life as well. I'm trying to follow that same advice. I've rearranged my work schedule so I'm going in at different times (it's ok with my boss, I promise) and not stuck in a monotonous routine. I like variety and not doing the same thing every day. Having a change of pace shakes things up a little bit and keeps things interesting. I think if we find ourselves in a rut, it can also play a part in our spiritual life. When we're feeling trapped with where we currently are in life, I think hearing from God can be difficult. We feel that what we're experiencing is either 1. too big for God to handle or 2. we're too exhausted to even utter a prayer about it. This is where change is vital. Even if it's as simple as going/leaving work through a different door, we need to do something to alter the routine we're in. Detours can sometimes be annoying since you're forced to go a way other than what you intended but they can also be points of clarity. You may find that by taking a detour, you stumble upon something so amazing that you never would have found had you not. So turn right instead of left or take the stairs instead of the elevator and see what happens...

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