Friday, November 20, 2009

scooby doo

I'm realizing something that I don't fully understand: the older I get, the more I revert back to things of my childhood. Let me explain. I was at the store yesterday, needing to buy some band-aids. My eye was instantly drawn to the Scooby Doo ones and without any more thought, I grabbed the box, adding it to my purchase. When deciding on what to eat for lunch, my menu alternates between pizza lunchables and Spaghetti O's. I can think of four instances in the recent past where I ordered a kid's meal. I'm seeing a pattern slowly develop. Yet I don't think there's anything wrong in re-connecting with those parts of your past. I think it adds a certain amount of unpredictability and randomness to an otherwise rather dull day. A day filled with appointments and schedules and all other things 'adult.' We need to not be so busy we forget to "smell the roses" or feel we're too old to play on the swing. I mean, how can you not smile when you look at your hand and see Scooby Doo smiling back?

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  1. See, and I thought you would have gone with the "I'm a licensed elementary school teacher, that's why I think in terms of what kids like" excuse for all that stuff. ;-)