Tuesday, April 19, 2011

book review: "the strange man" by greg mitchell

Dras Weldon refuses to grow up. Though he’s twenty-two, he still enjoys collecting comic books and action figures. His best friend, Rosalyn, rolls her eyes at his immaturity but loves him anyway. He knows he’s let his family down but can’t bring himself to change. However, he gets a wake up call when a mysterious stranger appears in the small town of Greensboro. This man leaves a trail of death in his wake and is after Rosalyn. Dras is the only one who can save her. But what can he do? Will he be too late? And what price will he have to pay?

I’d read some other reviews for the book and wasn’t sure if I’d like it. Knowing a demon was involved, I had mentally prepared myself for something like Demon by Tosca Lee. This was a combination of that and maybe something Frank Peretti might write. I’ll admit I didn’t like the ending – I had hoped for something different even as I was reading it and knew the outcome. One of my favorite scenes is Dras arguing with Sean Patrick about an action figure. I laughed out loud, imagining the scene in my mind. This was a little dark for me – not normally the kind of genre I read but I liked the overall message of the book.

In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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  1. A combo of Tosca Lee and Frank Perretti. Interesting! I was surprised by the ending though I think Greg did a good job foreshadowing it. I still didn't expect it.