Friday, April 15, 2011

brain food

Today begins a mini read-a-thon for me. I'm halfway through a book (Refreshment in Refuge by Gina Burgess) that I plan on finishing tonight so I can start another one (Max on Life by Max Lucado) tomorrow, hopefully finish Sunday and then start a third (The Strange Man by Greg Mitchell) and finish by Monday or Tuesday. My reading schedule for the rest of this month is very packed so my mind will be having a Thanksgiving feast with all the words I'll be consuming. I'm excited about it all though! I've fallen in love with reading again. I can remember bringing home stacks of books from the library when I was little and though I've continued to read, this past year has reignited that excitement for it. Reviewing books has opened a whole new door for me because I'm able to read titles I wouldn't normally choose and it's at no cost to me so it's a complete win-win : ) What are you reading?

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