Tuesday, September 24, 2013

book review: "truth seekers: the machine" by bill myers

"What if...actual conversations in the Bible were recorded in surrounding rocks and pottery? What if...we could play back those conversations and listen in? Not only has Dr. Mackenzie's brilliant and quirky group of brilliant scientists found a way to play them back, they've invented a machine that creates such super-realistic holographic images (when it's not fritzing out) that you actually think you're there. Imagine hanging out with Noah and his floating zoo, or seeing Jesus' miracles firsthand!"

I've read some of Bill Myers adult books and liked them so I was excited to read this Young Adult book! I think he does a great job of writing to his audience - the style is geared for that young group as is the way some of the text is bigger than the rest. The point of view alternates all through the book with the two main characters, Jake and Jennifer. While I wasn't overly crazy about the book, it's definitely one I would recommend to kids. It sort of reminds me of the Frank Peretti series for kids. And I'll admit at the end of the story when Jake and Dr. Mackenzie are able to see Jesus on Palm Sunday, I couldn't help but get excited. I've not read a book like this before and am curious to see what adventures the rest of the series holds. 

I received a copy of this book from The B & B Media Group, Inc. for my honest review.

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