Wednesday, February 15, 2017

book review: "control girl" by shannon popkin

Fights with your husband and kids. Unhappiness when things don't match your version of perfect. Tension, anger, fear - it all begins with a heart that craves control. When your vision of how life should be replaces God's vision, you doom your quest for security, peace and joy before it even starts. Thankfully, there is a better way. Join Shannon as she shares what she has discovered about her own control struggles and about God from studying Control Girls in the Bible. Learn how you too can lay down this burden and find rest in surrendering to the One who truly is in control.

I really enjoyed this book! I just finished reading a book about Sarah and her struggle with waiting on God so for a chance to read about some other women in the Bible (including Sarah as well) was exciting! I like how Shannon sets up the book by talking about Eve and the full impact of her decision to eat the forbidden fruit. She made some points that I've never though of it before but make complete sense. 
When Eve chose to eat the fruit, she tried taking the lead in her relationship with Adam. God tells Eve in Genesis 3:16, "and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee." What Shannon pointed out is that the desire this verse is talking about is the desire to control Adam. "As a daughter of Eve, I am infected with a desire to control." And this is the battle we all face as women. She talks about the struggle women have with wanting their husbands to lead but when they fail, the women step up, causing an imbalance in the relationship. Shannon uses a friend of hers as an example. "When Jennifer took the lead, she caused her husband to feel irrelevant. But by respectfully honoring her husband's input and being leadable, she activated the hero-leader inside of him. The Bible validates this chain reaction that Jennifer discovered. Have you noticed that the Bible always gives instructions to the wife first? It's because a husband can't follow his instructions until his wife follows hers." I like how easy the book is to read. Each chapter is broken down into short lessons, making it perfect for slowing down and really digesting each section. I also like the questions at the end of each lesson and the verse to meditate on. Control Girl is a great book to challenge and encourage us as women!

I received a copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. You can learn more about other reviews in this blog tour by clicking here.