Monday, March 30, 2015

book review: "more" by tammie head

People everywhere are looking for something more. They're in the grocery store aisle behind you, in the nail chair beside you, singing praise songs in front of you, and perhaps in the mirror staring back at you. People feel messy; plagued by looming feelings of ineffectiveness, indifference, depression, and purposelessness.

Does this sound like you?

What if more of God is actually what's missing from your life? Whether it's a messy life or a messy problem, it can become a walking miracle when we see God anew and wholly surrender to Him. 

You were made for more than surviving. Old stale religion never satisfies. Neither do the solutions the world has to offer. What all of us need is an encounter with God that sets our hearts ablaze. Tammie has seen this in her own life as well as in countless lives around her. Join her in More for a picture of how you can move from a life marked by messes to one that is truly miraculous. 

I really liked this book! The title immediately caught my eye, causing me to think about my own life. Areas where I want more. More of God. More in my job. this life. I like how open and real Tammie is as she shares her story and how God is using her. She talks about how God wants us. "Indeed, the Gentlest Man of gentlemen simply bids us to, "Come." No matter what you've done, "Come." No matter what your messy state is, "Come." No matter how you've run, "Come."' There's a line in the book that I feel sums the whole thing up, "We were made for more." Tammie talks about the things that hold us back from accepting what God wants to give us. "I want you to know, the same Savior who walked into a synagogue two thousand years ago and openly declared He was the One sent "to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free, and that the time of the Lord's favor has come," hasn't ended His mission. He's still seeking. He's still liberating. He's still determined. Our problem is, we struggle connecting with Him long enough to receive it. God wants to teach us in a greater way how to crawl up into His arms of love." This book encouraged me and I love the chapter openers, like these:

Tammie talks about waking up to who God really is and letting that truth truly change our lives. She challenges the reader to want more of God and the life He has planned for each of us!

I received a copy of this book from Icon Media Group for my honest review.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

book review: "how to catch a prince" by rachel hauck

American heiress Corina Del Rey caught her prince once. But the tragedy of war kept her too long in a fog of grief. Now she's shifting her life forward, reigniting her career as a journalist. Still, nothing can relieve her of the secret and the love she carries in her soul. 

Prince Stephen of Brighton is one of the world's most eligible bachelor and a star rugby player, trying to make sense of his life. But his days in Afghanistan with the Royal Air Command have marked him forever. And he can't seem to shake their dark shadow. 

But when his brother, King Nathaniel, confronts him with a document the prince thought long buried and forgotten, Stephen is forced to face the pain of his past and the love he left behind.

With a little heavenly help, Prince Stephen and Corina embark on a journey of truth. But when the secrets are revealed, can they overcome and find love again?

I'm a fan of Rachel's books. I've read the other two books in The Royal Wedding Series and she didn't disappoint with this newest story. I think every girl dreams of being a princess and with Susanna, Regina and now Corina, I'm reminded of that childhood dream. I love that these are southern girls because it gives me that instant connection with them. When I reviewed Princess Ever After last year, I said there's at least one line in each of Rachel's books that seems just for me. This book was no exception. "Love well" was Corina's mission when she went to Brighton. She wanted to show Stephen how good they could be together and did her best to "love well." I love that phrase! To me, it's almost a kind of surrender. When Corina signed the annulment papers, she felt she was finally giving up on her marriage but she wasn't. She was loving well…and leaving the rest to God. I love the story of King Stephen I and Queen Magdalena. Of how brave she was. Each year I pick a word to be my focus for the year and this year my word is brave. I felt this story was timely for me in so many ways. The story was beautiful. I love how when Stephen was done fighting within himself, God was ready to meet him. When Corina thought it was all over and and had done all she could, Stephen showed up at her door. And at their wedding, I "ahh-ed" when Stephen asked Mr. Del Rey if he could be the one to present Corina to God. Oh my. How to Catch a Prince was such a sweet story of love, forgiveness and surrender. 

I received a copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity for my honest review.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

it's your time

I love the story of Esther. I love her bravery and the way God used her. We talked about Esther last night in the small group I help with. And to serve as a reminder, I made this printable for each of the girls in our group. I put two on one piece of paper and backed it on cute patterned paper. I had no idea making chalkboard printables could be so fun! It's super easy and super cute! My word for this year is brave and Esther's story is such a great example of that. She had a choice and could have refused to save her people. But she said yes. That was her moment for God to use her in a big way. This is your time! If you'd like me to send you the pdf, just comment with your email address :)

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