Saturday, April 15, 2017

book review: "chasing famous" by lisa lloyd

What were you born to do? Who were you created to be? What's the yearning deep within your soul? What if you could live into that very purpose? This kind of living requires us to see ourselves as instruments designed to be used for the glory of God. But most of us don't see ourselves this way. Instead, we resign to be spectators in the audience, still waiting for our names to be called - to be cast in that next big role. Of course, we all hope to be selected. We end up auditioning for life, always striving to make the cut and gain approval. 

Written by a professional actress who spent years chasing after her own fame, Chasing Famous empowers us to bravely step into the role God has for us - no longer seeking after our own fame but joyfully making God's name famous - knowing we have been selected to stand center stage and proclaim His renown to all who will listen. 

I really enjoyed this book! As I was reading, I would be reminded of things I've read in other books or talked about with others. Pretty much all through the book, God kept confirming things like this for me! Lisa had me hooked from the first page: "But the Bible is clear - God wants to use the story of our lives to radiate His fame. We exist for Him. We've been rescued for Him. He doesn't point His finger at our mistakes and screwups. Rather, He points us to the stage so that we can share with the world how truly glorious He is. Will we bravely accept the role He intends for us to play?" And it's this realization that God keeps showing me. We're here to bring Him glory! Our lives should be a reflection of who He is and His love for the world. It's an amazing thing to take hold of but also a little overwhelming. And then the doubts start to settle in of how could God use us when we've made mistakes? What will others think? But I like what Lisa says to that: "But in actuality, telling our stories glorifies God as people see that only He could transform our lives. They watch His grace unfold through us." And then there's the story of Hosea and Gomer. It's one of my favorite stories because of how it portrays God's relentless love. "God provided Hosea as a mirror to Israel to show His unreserved love for them despite their rebellion to go after other lovers." Even though people reject God and try to run from them, His love for them doesn't stop. It's an amazing thing! Chasing Famous is a great book to push us in our faith to do more and go farther for God. 

I received a copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity for my honest review.
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