In less than 140 characters: elementary teacher, aspiring writer, blogger, bookworm, youth leader (just to name a few) living out this thing called life while glorifying God in the process.

I came up with the name from a friend. We were having a conversation a few years ago and he was trying to say "snippits" or possibly "tidbits" - I'm not really sure. However, "snidbits" is what came out instead. When I was thinking for a name for my blog, I wanted something creative and fun. I like to keep my posts short, focusing on saying a lot in a few words - short tidbits about things that inspire me in life.

My posts reflect my joy for baking, crafty diy projects and reading. I have another blog that shares my love for teaching. I like to write and travel and take pictures. I love that this blog shows all of those things! Thanks for stopping by!