Monday, January 12, 2009


So I have this friend who has a knack for making you think about things that you’ve either shoved to the back of your mind to deal with at a later time or happened to mention to him during a conversation. He likes to prod and probe and you most often end up frustrated once he walks away because all of these things are now running through your head and you can’t get them out.

The good thing about this person’s habit is that by voicing your thoughts aloud, he can help hold you accountable and not let your thoughts only remain in your head. Having someone else offer their insight is also helpful because you’re gaining another perspective.

It can be so easy for us to remain where we are in life, staying inside the box and finding comfort in the predictable. However, by never venturing away from the familiar, we’ll never know what all we could be missing out on. I think it’s by stepping out that we are truly able to see who we are; what we’re capable of. So while having someone get inside your head can be aggravating, without that push we all need sometimes, we’ll never change or grow. Which is worse: being challenged or becoming stagnant?


  1. hmm this person sounds familiar ;)

    I do this sometimes (ok ok, a lot of the times) to people. Mainly just a few.. I love picking at people & making them think. I know its annoying.. haha i know a lot of times they leave the conversation like "AHHH WHY do you do this?!!" One person recently asked me "Why do you care so much?! why do you care about me so much?!! "
    I think thats a good thing.. ha maybe
    But when it comes down to me, i don't really enjoy someone picking at me much more than anyone else.
    Its annoying/hard/sometimes un-fun.. but in the end, it is usually,
    helpful and productive.
    so your welcome to those people i annoy ;)

  2. i want to start by saying, carly, you're awesome :-) you realize that it's only fair if you try to "help" someone, they have every right to point their finger at you, too. i will also add that i don't think you can care too much...if anything, i wonder if we don't care enough. it can be so easy for us to only focus on ourselves that we fail to look beyond ourselves to anyone else. and a really great way to show you care is by being that catalyst in other's lives and pushing them to move forward instead of staying where they are. in this instance, being annoying is a good thing. i'm glad you're annoying :-) i think you know what i mean :-)