Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm reading a book called "Life. Now." by Shannon and Michael Primicerio. The book is about overcoming the obstacles that stand between us and our dreams. The authors are a husband and wife in their twenties writing to all others in their twenties. They list ten different things that we must overcome in order to start watching our dreams happen now instead of the proverbial "one day." I've only read the first chapter but the first sentence had me hooked: "Have you ever felt stuck?" How many times do we feel like we're spinning our wheels but going no where? Being able to relate to the authors right off the bat just makes you feel that they know where you're coming from and that's important.

10 Obstacles that Derail Your Dreams
1. Fear
2. Approval of others
3. Comforts of home
4. A normal and average life
5. A sense of control
6. Knowing where to start
7. Money to make it happen
8. Motivation to do it
9. Vision to follow through
10. Knowing how your dream fits into God's will for you


  1. That list is so true.
    But what do we do about it?
    Book sounds good :)

  2. i guess you'll have to keep reading my posts, carly. i plan on giving a quick run down of each chapter as i read it because i think it's going to be a really good book and i'm excited to hopefully be inspired to actually capture my dreams instead of just chase them :-)