Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard a short blurb for a website, The guy was relaying an experience he had when younger. His older brother was driving, him in the backseat and their mother riding shotgun. At one point, the brother switched lanes but when their mother thought he wouldn't have time to get back over, she took the wheel, pulling them back into the lane. As a result, the brother lost control of the car and they ended up off the side of the road, in some water. The mother later admitted that she should have trusted her son's judgment and not interfered. The guy then brought his point home. What about us? How often do we hand God the keys but then try to take back the steering wheel when things don't seem to go as we think they should? Do we honestly think God needs our help? Why is it so hard to trust God and let Him take us on the road we need to be on? If we can relinquish that control to Him, we can simply enjoy the ride and not panic that He'll make a wrong turn.

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