Thursday, March 19, 2009

while you wait

"Would you like something to eat/drink while you wait?"
"Can I get you something while you wait?"
"Here's some bread until your food is ready."

Have you ever noticed the attention given to waiting? Even those at restaurants who provide us with service our called waiters/waitresses. I've been thinking about the whole idea of waiting and how it's not just sitting still until whatever you're waiting on does finally happen. I think I've posted on this topic before and we've discussed it in the college ministry at my church ( but I think it bears repeating.

While waiting is a test of your patience, etc. what we do while we wait is just as important. There are countless examples in the Bible of those who either waited obediently on God or who took matters into their own hands, thinking God needed their help. Um, hello, He is God.

There's a song currently playing on the radio called "While I'm Waiting." In it he talks about the things he's doing while waiting on God because as has been pointed out before, the word 'wait' is a verb, meaning it's an action. So since all of us are more than likely waiting on God for something, how are you waiting?

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  1. I completely agree. Waiting is totally a verb! God can only work if we give him action to work with. You're totally speaking/blogging the truth right there : )