Friday, March 6, 2009


I've been thinking about how God uses people to bring about change that are often the most unlikely of choices. He uses those that most might overlook to accomplish His plans on this earth and I find that really cool. In the Bible, there are countless examples of people who God called to do things they felt they were no where near capable of carrying out. Moses, Gideon, Esther, Mary, Jonah, the disciples - all people who were average individuals that God used in above average ways.

The same is true today. God still uses people who appear to have nothing to offer but when they willingly allow themselves to be used by God, become vessels of change. When we say yes to God, we admit that on our own we're not capable of doing what He's called us to do but we're trusting Him to give us the strength and ability to do what He's asking us.

I had the privilege of hearing Joyce Meyer at my church last fall and she talked about beginning a 'love revolution.' She made a comment that has lodged itself in my mind and any time I feel that God has come to the wrong person for what He's asking, it will replay itself over and over. She said that God often uses the things in us we're the most insecure about. In her case, she said she doesn't like her voice because it's deeper than most women but yet her career centers around her voice.

I think God likes irony because it does away with our plans and ideas, leaving us to throw up our hands and say "Ok, God. I give up - let's do it Your way." We know on our own we're unqualified and unable to do what He asks of us. It's only by setting aside our agenda for His that He's able to work through us and make us qualified.

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