Saturday, February 28, 2009

life is NOT a musical!!

I can't help noticing a rising trend in today's entertainment industry. Ever since the release of High School Musical back in 2006, we've seen an increasing interest in movies where people randomly burst into song. I will openly admit that I've seen all three movies in the High School Musical trilogy and my point is only further reiterated: no one resides in such an environment where it's normal to start singing out of the blue. Not only that, others will most certainly not join in and sing/dance to the tune that apparently is only playing inside your head.
Nick finally decided to cash in on this fad with a movie they premiered earlier this month, Spectacular. Though with a different plot line than the Disney films, one can't help but see similarities. However, despite the unrealistic idea of a musical, the movies do promote some good themes such as standing up for what you believe in, working together as a team and doing the right thing, even if it's unpopular - all important to instill in a impressionable tween.
While I'm hopefully not sounding as though I'm against these movies, because I'm not, I'm just saying I wonder how many teachers will attest to the face that their classroom has been disrupted by one or more children singing and dancing their favorite number from these movies? I'm just saying...


  1. Life is not a musical.... but it should be. :-)

  2. life should NOT be a musical..
    I might have to stab myself in the foot.
    Then sing about it.