Saturday, February 21, 2009


“Yes, our God, He is a consuming fire
And the flames burn down deep in my soul.
Yes, our God, He is a consuming fire
And He reaches inside and He melts down this cold heart of stone.”
- “Consuming Fire” by Third Day

Hebrews 12:29 says that God is a consuming fire.

Webster’s defines consuming as “very intense” or “to devour.”

A consuming fire is one that ravages whatever it touches; nothing is left unscathed. The flames stretch upward, seemingly forever, as they lick and sputter. The heat emanating from the flames is unbearable. Even standing a safe distance away, the heat is smothering, settling like a heavy blanket.

Keeping this image in mind, think about God. When we experience God, even obtaining just a taste of His presence, it’s as if that same fire is ignited within us. As we press in deeper, the fire blazes hotter and hotter, the flames spreading into every part of us until we’re consumed with it. The heat melts away all impurities, leaving only a heart hungry for God. When a fire touches something, it’s never the same; it’s forever altered. When God invades us, we’re never the same – we’re forever altered.

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