Thursday, February 5, 2009

final answer?

Q. What's your favorite thing about God's love?

A. Um...

A certain singer for our amazing youth worship band, Pursuit of Red, was running around the Student Center last night, asking people this very question. Admittedly when she came to me, I couldn't come up with an immediate response. It's kind of like, on a much smaller scale, being asked to describe the U.S. Where do you start? I mean, there's fifty very different states that comprise the country so how would one begin to explain such a vast subject? I think it's the same way with God. There are so many aspects to God and He's so...God, that to readily be able to answer the favorite thing about His love is difficult.

I ended up giving an off-the-wall response because she already had the standard answers and wanted something a little different. Yet the question still begs to be answered. What is YOUR (all those who may read this) favorite thing about God's love? Is it the fact that He loves us regardless of our mistakes or the fact that we'll make more mistakes? Is it because though we have done nothing to deserve His love, it's there for us? Is it because, as a sign of His great love, He sent Jesus to become our pathway to salvation? Is it because when you're going through a storm and it's raging on all sides, you can seek protection in His love? I don't think we're fully able to process the extent of His love, thus making it hard to be able to explain. It's hard to describe something that you yourself don't fully understand. All we have to know is that His love is there and yeah, it's pretty awesome :-)

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  1. My favorite (well, I don't about favorite, but it's what I just thought of) things about God's love is that while nothing can take the place of it, it can take the place of anything.