Thursday, February 19, 2009

30 days

If you had thirty days to live, what would you do? Such a simple question but also difficult just the same. This was the topic in my youth ministry last night and the guy speaking challenged all those listening to not LIVE each day we have but to SPEND it. The difference is that by living, we're focusing on us and what we can get out of everything. By spending, we're investing in other people's lives so that when our time is up, we'll have made a difference in our corner of the world.
I think all of us want to be remembered for something but the question is what? Do you want to be remembered for accomplishing some great feat (think Guinness book) or for doing something that makes an eternal impression like leading someone to the Lord? All of us have a choice as to how we'll use the time we're given; either to live it or spend it.
This song is called 'Legacy' by Nicole Nordeman. It talks about living a life that's focused on more than just earthly goals but striving for eternal ones as well.

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