Wednesday, July 15, 2009


In just a little over a week sixty-some teenagers and adults will head to youth camp for a week of fun and finding God. In preparation for what God is going to do, my youth pastor asked all of us to give something up in exchange for God to move in our lives. I'm starting to really miss what I sacrificed :-) Yet I keep thinking of what I'm needing God to do in my life and I keep hanging in there - I know He'll prove Himself faithful. I've been reading in Hebrews about all those such as Moses and Abraham who believed in what God had promised them though they didn't fully understand the means in which their answer would come. Waiting on God to move is not always easy - there's a lot of waiting sometimes involved but just as our forefathers in the faith realized, God always fulfills His promises. No, He may not answer when we want Him to but He will ALWAYS come through. So as I wrap up my fast, I'm looking forward to not only what God will do at camp but what He'll do between now and then as well.

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