Thursday, October 15, 2009

when i was your age...

One of my co-workers told me this morning that when she was my age, she had her second child. I never know what the intention of statements like this are (I put these right up there with "kids today..."). I'm single and nowhere near having my first child, let alone second - all I could do was smile and walk away. Replies such as "oh, I better get a move on!" or "so you're how old?" would not have been appropriate although comical.

So I'm using my 100th post to not only celebrate that milestone but also a milestone in my own life as I add another year of wisdom to the vast knowledge I already obtain (I just don't always choose to use it). The past twenty-some years have been good but I'm believing for this coming year to truly be the best yet. I'm believing for things I've been praying for to finally come to pass and experience more of what I know God has for me. He and I sometimes disagree on the timing of things (we both think we're right) but I know that His timing is indeed perfect and I think this year I'll be seeing some "finally's" in my life.

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  1. In a slightly more than a year, I will be the same age my mother was when she had me (her second child, right before her sixth wedding anniversary). I understand EXACTLY how you feel.