Friday, July 22, 2011

book review: "true north" by gary & lisa heim

When we go through frustrating times, we have the choice to either go north or south with our emotions. Going south is giving in to our anger and giving in to our fleshly desires. Going north is the opposite; it's thinking about God and seeking Him. "God subjects us to frustration because of our longings, the lies we believe, and his relentless love." By going south and choosing what we want over God, it's an insult to God. "When our hand grasps onto something, it forms into a fist. When we grasp onto the world, we're forming a fist in God's face." We forget all the things He's done for us - all the times He's proven Himself. We need to strive to seek after God and choose to go north in every circumstance.

This was not a book to try to read quickly. It contains so much material that you have to take your time and read it carefully. There were certain points when I felt the authors were simply repeating something I'd read prior but it's through repetition that the points stick. This was a good read - heavy at times but good.

I received a copy of this book from Kregel Publications and all opinions are my own.

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