Monday, January 9, 2012

knitty gritty: scarves

I showed some pictures the other day of the scarves I've recently made. In case you're a fellow knitter, here's the details for each:

2 skeins of size 6, "Pittsburgh Yellow" Lion Brand yarn. I used a 41 peg loom but only knitted on 15 of the pegs. I loved the thickness of the yarn.

Because I didn't go completely around the loom, I ended up with different patterns on each side of the scarf. I actually think the contrast looks pretty cool.

1 skein of size 4, "Aran Fleck" Red Heart yarn. I used 8 mm, size 11 needles and I think the scarf was 15 stitches (no more than 20).

I wanted to use the bigger needles to give the scarf a sort of messy look. However, my stitches were very loose when I first casted on and you can see the difference between that and the other end where I binded off. Again, I kind of think the difference adds something to it but it was a gift so I'm not the one wearing it :)

1 skein of size 4, "Frosty Green Fleck" Red Heart yarn. I used a 25 peg loom but only knitted on 24 of the pegs. I didn't want it to be completely closed off. Again, since I didn't use the whole loom, I have the different textures on each side. Using the whole skein makes it the perfect length to be able to wear in a slip knot without it being too short.

Happy knitting!

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