Monday, January 16, 2012

what i've been up to

I've been pretty crafty lately :) I've made several scarves and done a few diy projects.

Top right is a scarf I just finished. This didn't even take a whole skein to make. I used a 41 peg loom but only knitted on 18 of them. I used size 4 (5 oz.)"Sundrop" Caron yarn. Using the 5 oz. yarn on such a large loom makes it feel lightweight. Top left is a lanyard I made with the same yarn. I used a 25 peg loom but only knitted on 3 pegs. The yarn naturally folds - I'm thinking this would also make fun necklaces :) The length ended up being too long so I tied loose knots every few inches or so until it was the length I wanted. The two ends that you would normally weave back into the material I knotted around a key ring. I have to wear a badge for work so I'm going to clip it on the key ring there you have it :) Bottom right is a decorative piece. The feather-like things were used as centerpieces for a dinner I went to last month. They were giving them away so I took a few. I had an empty jar I put them in but it still needed something. I bought a bag of silver rocks to fill the jar with and it's now sitting on my bookshelf. Bottom left is my result of following a recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.

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