Monday, April 16, 2012

imperfectly perfect

I bought this vase a few weeks ago at Hobby Lobby, wanting something spring-ish to put on my desk at work. I had to look at several before I found one I thought was perfect. It wasn't until I brought it home that I noticed a slight imperfection with the top polka dot. If you look closely, you can see where the white either smeared a little bit or something. At first I was upset, frustrated I didn't examine the vase closer before buying it. But then I thought about it. Why would I expect perfection by an imperfect human? (Unless of course these are mass produced on a conveyor belt of some sort - if so, let's just pretend each one is hand crafted :) ) And then it made sense to me. We honestly can't expect perfection when we ourselves are flawed. It's the imperfections that add character to a piece of art - it makes it unique. So I like my vase. I added some purple flowers to it and I smile each day when I walk into my office. Imperfectly perfect.

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