Wednesday, April 25, 2012

prove it

God has done so many things for me. He's so faithful but it's as if I forget all of that when I'm really needing Him to show up. And this annoys me about myself. I don't want to have unwavering faith when everything's great but be overcome with doubt when I need a breakthrough. But isn't that how things go? We can easily praise God and thank Him for His goodness when life is sunshine and smiley faces. It's a little bit harder to still praise Him when the storm clouds roll in.

But that's how I want to be. Even if I'm standing in the middle of a downpour, thunder rumbling and lightning crackling above me, I want to be able to find something to thank Him for. I want to remember all the times He's proven His love and goodness to me.

I think that's just how we are. Life and faith are way less complicated when things are easy. We don't like confrontation and find comfort in routine. Yet sometimes we grow most in times of trials. And sometimes God answers us in ways we didn't expect. Ways that are for our good and better than what we could have thought ourselves. You just have to trust. 

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  1. So true. Many times I try to avoid the problems, yet I've found I really have grown the most in the trials. And, later when I can see the growth I'm thankful. I need to get God's perspective sooner and be thankful in and through them. Thanks for the encouragement today.