Monday, March 15, 2010


I just had one of those moments where you realize something and you're momentarily stunned. I just wrapped up a giveaway on my blog for a copy of "What's in the Bible?" dvd. I don't know if I expected a huge number of entries but with each day, I kept thinking "why are people not entering?" I've said it's FREE and all you have to do is tell me who'd you want to win the dvd for, yet people weren't taking the bait. Here I had this really cool gift to give away but no one was willing. Here's where I realized something. The same is true with the gospel. We, as Christians, have something that the world needs yet few seem to make the decision to accept Him. We can tell others how great having a relationship with God is, how we have this inner peace that lets us know it's all going to be ok, and give vivid details of moments we've encountered God yet people can still refuse. And if I'm this frustrated, I wonder how this must make God feel?

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