Saturday, May 30, 2015

my summer reading list

With it being summer, I want to do some reading! I have this bad habit of buying books before reading the ones I already have…thus my to-read pile never gets smaller. But I want to make a dent in that stack over the next few weeks. And part of that is finishing some that I've started - I have a bad habit of doing that as well :)

I've read Shauna's other book, Bittersweet and am excited about reading Cold Tangerines.  She tells all of these individual stories but they come together. She shares from her life - the ups and the downs - and it's that honesty that makes me like her writing. 

I've started Let's All Be Brave and like it so far! Each year I pick a word that is my theme and this year, my word is brave. 

I've read Praying for Your Future Husband twice already. I like that there's space to make notes and questions at the end of each chapter. It's interesting to see what I've already written and what my thoughts about each chapter are now. Each chapter has a different thing to pray about for your future husband - it's a really good book and I love that by praying for him, I'm preparing myself as well. 

Other People's Children is a book I'm reading for work. I'm reviewing Fifty Shades of They by Ed Young. It's about the importance of the right relationships in our lives. I've started T.L. Lowery's Walking in the Supernatural but am not very far into it. Whew! That's lots of reading but I'm looking forward to it! 
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  1. I love your list...I look forward to reading Let's All Be Brave and Cold Tangerines! So many little time :)