Thursday, November 26, 2015


 I've been a blogger slacker. Ever since July, life has been moving at a crazy pace! It's been good...but busy. But I guess life is always busy, right? It's just about prioritizing what matters most and letting other things sit on the back burner for the moment. And that's where blogging has been for me. In July I went on my third missions trip to Guatemala and as soon as we got back, I was running full speed preparing for another year teaching kindergarten. And then it was all of the back to school things and commitments at church...and it's now almost December. I've managed a few book reviews here and there but want to do better! I'm trying to do better with managing my time - I'm working on it :)

Another thing I'm working on is being more thankful. I have a habit of thanking God when I get in my car after work each day. Thanking Him for my job. Thanking Him when the day goes well...and even when it doesn't. But I'm wanting to be more specific. The worship leader at my church encouraged us, in those moments when things aren't going as we want, to stop and name things you're thankful for. So Monday and Tuesday that's what I did. When I left work each day, I named five things I was thankful for that day. Monday was hard. It wasn't the best day so coming up with five things stretched me a little. But then Tuesday was much easier. I found myself thinking through the day of what I could include in my five things. 

With it being Thanksgiving, it's easy to have the thankful mindset but this is something I want to continue year long.

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