Wednesday, March 30, 2011

book review: "beneath the night tree" by nicole baart

Julia not only readily admits to being a part of a patchwork family but finds comfort in it. Julia, her grandmother, son and younger brother all live on a farm in Mason, Iowa. But she can feel her world slowly starting to crumble. Her ten-year-old brother is quickly becoming a teenager, still grieving his mother walking out on him over five years ago. Her grandmother isn’t getting younger and the fact that she will one day be gone scares Julia. She loves her five-year-old son but wonders if she’s doing enough? She and her boyfriend have been dating for five years but she wants more. With him living six hours away, time together is limited. When he finally proposes, Julia wants to be excited but finds herself feeling as if something’s missing. Complicating things further is the entrance of her son’s father. She hasn’t seen him since she told him she was pregnant. What could he want? Why is he coming into her life now?

I give this book five stars! I’ve not read any other books by Baart but I’m definitely adding her to my “to read” list. She writes in such a way that I’m able to instantly identify with Julia and experience her highs and lows with her. The story moved at such a pace to keep me interested, wondering what would happen next. I really liked Parker, Daniel’s father. He was introduced in such a way that I wasn’t sure if he’d be a “bad guy” or not but his role soon became apparent. I enjoyed Baart’s sense of humor and I now want to make my own night tree :-).

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale House and all opinions are my own.

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