Tuesday, May 18, 2010

book review: "happily every laughter" by ken davis

“It takes a lifetime to even learn how to love another person. To figure out what brings him or her deep, sincere joy.” This book is compiled of true stories from married couples, relaying some moments in their marriages when laughter was key to survival. The stories range from newlywed moments to moments with children, home renovations gone bad, getting lost and many other everyday moments that comprise a marriage. One of my favorite stories is about John Pickerl and his wife Cindy. One Sunday morning before church, they uncover that a skunk has been living beneath their porch. They uncover this when the skunk’s spray comes through the furnace and saturates everything in their home – including their clothes. Here’s the conversation on the way to church:

Cindy (sniffing her clothes): Do we smell? I think we smell.
John (sniffing his clothes): Nah. It’s just our singed nose hairs.
Cindy: No, honey. I think that stuff got on us.
Five-year-old son: I forgot my triceratops.
Other five-year-old son: Can I have a cookie?
John: You’ll have toys and treats in Sunday school. Anyway, honey, that stuff couldn’t have gotten on us, could it?
Cindy: I think it did.
Five-year-old son: I need my triceratops!
Other five-year-old son: I don’t want treats in Sunday school!
John (pulling into church parking lot): Don’t whine! You really think so, honey?
Five-year-old son: I need my triceratops! Waaaahhh!
Other five-year-old son: I don’t want treats in Sunday school! Waaahhh!
John (parking the car): Stop it right now, you two! NOW!
Two five-year-old sons (being half-dragged into church, hands protecting their bottoms): Waaahhh!
John and Cindy (trying unsuccessfully to swat their bottoms): I said STOP IT! We’re at church!
Every other parent within earshot (thinking): I’m glad my children don’t behave like that!

And as the story continued, yes, they did smell. As they walked through the church (late due to investigating the source of the smell), they couldn’t ignore the whispers and gasps from the congregation. The point (to this story and most of the others) is to be able to be able to laugh and realize there will be good days and bad days. “Every day is a new teachable moment. If we are really learning anything, we’re learning to adapt better to what won’t change or to what changes at a moment’s notice!”

This was a fun, easy read. Even though I’m not married, I enjoyed the stories. I think the diverse experiences help shed light on the realities of marriage and show that there are highs and lows – it’s all a matter of how you handle them.

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