Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Have you ever stopped what you were doing and simply listened to the sounds around you? My freshman year of college I took a Humanities course and our assignment one day was to do exactly that. We were to go home, sit in our room, close our eyes and just listen. It's a rather interesting experiment. I think we're so used to go, go, go that we forget to slow down at times and simply enjoy driving with the windows down or watching a ladybug scurry across the pavement. We're driven to accomplish massive to-do lists and miss out on life.

This week I'm pet-sitting for some neighbors and they have an 8 week-old kitten. I don't think I've ever heard a cat purr that was sweeter than when I hold this kitten up to my face and listen to him purr. Something so simple but if I were solely focused on checking the food and water and then leaving, I would miss out on.

And if we're so busy checking off things we need to do, we might also miss out on hearing God. There's the story in the Bible of how God wasn't in the fire or the earthquake but He was in the wind. He's the whisper we sometimes drown out with our music or tv or phone. We ask Him to show Himself to us but then we're too busy to hear Him when He talks. We need to just take a deep breath and...listen.

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