Thursday, February 17, 2011

book review: "the life ready woman" by shaunti feldhahn and robert lewis

As women, we have three Core Callings: to leave and cleave; be fruitful and multiply; and subdue and rule. No matter our stage in life, we can carry out these callings in different ways. For example, “be fruitful and multiply” doesn’t only apply to having and raising your own children. This can also be done through investing in the children/teens at your church – the point is to make the effort of pouring yourself into someone else. And for those who are still single, you can still walk out the “leave and cleave” calling. “For those who are single longer than expected, the “leave” process can be important as God uses the time to refine and polish a beautiful individual maturity in Christ that will eventually (in most cases) delight a spouse and be invaluable for mentoring others.” We have to make the choice of choosing to fulfill our Core Callings in every step of our lives. “It is also easy to default to walking the path that we already know rather than the one God is leading us to. Yet if we will trust God’s biblical guidance and strike out on the road He lays before us, we will end up right where He wants us.”

I really liked this book. I think the advice for single women is what I enjoyed the most since that’s where I currently am in my life. The insight into guys was also interesting. The fact that they would rather hear “I’m proud of you” over “I love you” is something I never thought about but makes sense in light of their sense of accomplishment through performance. I feel like the whole book can be summed up with the statement: “God has a purpose for every person, and deep down, we all long find it.” We’re constantly looking for that purpose all through life as we juggle school, a job, husband, family, church responsibilities, etc. And by looking at each of those situations while keeping the Core Callings in mind, we can work on achieving that.

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